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Bowling Shoe Inspection Reports

year at the various Canadian Championships, there is a mandatory Bowls and Shoes Inspection, under the direction of the Head Event Umpire. Bowling shoes are inspected to determine if they comply with the Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) Domestic Regulation on Approved Footwear.


Bowlers and umpires across the country have asked for further guidance on what soles are acceptable for use during the various Canadian Championships. Below you will find images of bowling shoes that illustrate and commentate why the shoes are acceptable or not.


If you wish to submit an image of a bowling shoe to the National Officiating Committee for their consideration, please follow the following procedures:

  • Include one or two colour photos of the shoe – the sole*, and a side profile
  • The image size should be a minimum of 1,000 pixels in the longer dimension
  • Format may be .jpg or .tiff
  • Submit as an email attachment to with your name and province

* Mandatory